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Les Chaussettes de Tito

Tito is a young boy who loves his family, pizza, and soccer. One day, he goes with his mother to buy socks for soccer. Learn how his confidence and choice of socks inspires those around him. **Novice Level Reader *E-book subscriptions are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

La Lettre

Bette and Clara have been best friends for a long time. But, the last couple weeks have challenged their friendship since Clara started to pay more attention to Adam, the popular boy in school. It is a confusing and emotional time for Bette. But through it all, Bette begins to better understand her feelings. As …

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Perdue dans les catacombes

Emma and Charlotte are two sisters living in Paris who couldn’t be more different. All Emma wants is to be a normal teenager and spend more time with her friends, but she is always having to look after her younger sister, Charlotte. Charlotte, unlike Emma, prefers to spend all her time with her dog, Sammy.One …

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Mystère au Louvre E-BOOK

Students and readers of all ages are guaranteed to be amazed at Stéphane’s fascination with art and all he discovers about the Louvre Museum and all that it has to offer. Mystère au Louvre is full of adventure and mystery! Guaranteed to spike your curiosity and keep you wanting more!! Plus it is full of …

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La maison du 13 rue Verdon

Cheryl and her mother have just moved into an old house on Verdon Street. From the minute they pull into the driveway, Cheryl is struck with a strange feeling. Following the death of her father, the already difficult becomes more terrifying when Cheryl begins to question exactly who – or what – is living in …

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Léo et Anton

Anton is different: a mouse that isn’t afraid of cats. He lives in the forest in Québec, Canada with his mom and dad. But Anton is not happy. He doesn’t have any friends. And because his father fears he will get attacked by a cat, Anton is not allowed to explore the forest alone. How …

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Une disparition mystèrieuse

It has been a week since Alice’s best friend Dominique disappeared. Since that day, Alice’s world has turned upside down, and her life has begun to spiral out of control. Will Alice see her best friend again? Did Alice pay enough attention to the details leading up to her friend’s disappearance? Will an old Louisiana …

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